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BugLogHQ Issue: Application Reset

Name: Application Reset
ID: 21
Project: BugLogHQ
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Joost van der Drift
Created: 09/03/13 8:21 AM
Updated: 02/03/14 12:28 AM
Description: Shouldn't the application reset option be accessible only after login?

Joost van der Drift
History: Created by djiest (Joost van der Drift) : 09/03/13 8:21 AM

Comment by oarevalo (Oscar Arevalo) : 09/03/13 9:36 AM
Maybe, but the purpose of the application reset link is to clear the current application scope. It does not affect the buglog listener funcionality (because the listener is on the server scope, not Application scope). Thus, it is "safe" to reset the app anytime.
The main use case is after updating to new a new version, you use the Reset to clear anything that has been cached in memory.

Updated by oarevalo (Oscar Arevalo) : 02/03/14 12:28 AM

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