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BugLogHQ Issue: Routines cannot be declared more than once

Name: Routines cannot be declared more than once
ID: 19
Project: BugLogHQ
Type: Enhancement
Area: Administration
Severity: Low
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Alex Lloyd
Created: 09/24/12 3:17 AM
Updated: 09/25/12 7:23 AM
Description: When trying to view the detail of a bug report i get a CF error saying:
"Routines cannot be declared more than once.
The routine showDateTime has been declared twice in different templates."

I currently have Robust Exception turned off, so please let me know if you would like more details.

This is the page i'm trying to get to:

"http://buglog.tizuni.com/hq/index.cfm?event=entry&entryID={ALL ENTRIES}"

Many Thanks,

History: Created by alexl@tizuni.com (Alex Lloyd) : 09/24/12 3:17 AM

Comment by alexl@tizuni.com (Alex Lloyd) : 09/24/12 3:17 AM
Sorry, this should be a bug not an enhancement.

Comment by oarevalo (Oscar Arevalo) : 09/24/12 7:05 AM
Hi Alex, my bad i just caught and fixed this error. For some reason Railo (what i use to develop and test buglog) didn't complain about a udf being included twice on the same file. Anyway, I'll be uploading an updated version shortly.

Comment by alexl@tizuni.com (Alex Lloyd) : 09/25/12 1:41 AM
Perfect, Thanks. I can confirm this latest update has fixed my issue.

Many Thanks,


Updated by oarevalo (Oscar Arevalo) : 09/25/12 7:23 AM

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