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BugLogHQ Issue: Not running in CF10

Name: Not running in CF10
ID: 18
Project: BugLogHQ
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Michael Sprague
Created: 07/11/12 6:10 AM
Updated: 07/26/12 11:03 PM
Description: Does anyone have this working in CF10? I get the following error whenever I try to start the listeners...

The following task could not be found: bugLogPurgeHistory

I checked in the scheduled tasks area on my older install, and that task doesn't exist there either.
History: Created by spraguey (Michael Sprague) : 07/11/12 6:10 AM

Comment by spraguey (Michael Sprague) : 07/11/12 6:18 AM
FYI, I got around this for now by changing bugloglistener.cfc line 313 to...

   <cfschedule action="delete"   task="bugLogPurgeHistory" />
   <cfcatch type="any"><!--- task didn't exist anyways ---></cfcatch>

This isn't an ideal solution, but it gets the listener to start and gets the app working.

Comment by oarevalo (Oscar Arevalo) : 07/11/12 11:10 AM
Mi Michael,
Thanks for reporting this. I hadn't had time to test BugLog in CF10 yet so I wasn't aware if there were any compatibility problems. I've now done a quick run-through in a CF10 Developer Edition instance and have pushed a few other fixes to the GitHub repo. You can download a fresh copy from there or browse the latest changes.
I'll be making a more thorough test on the next few days and see if there are any more things to fix.
In the meantime if you find anything else please don't hesitate to contact me or open more issues here or in GitHub.


Updated by oarevalo (Oscar Arevalo) : 07/26/12 11:03 PM
CF10 compatibility fixed on 1.6.0

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