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Author: Oscar Arevalo (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Last Updated: February 29, 2016 10:44 AM
Version: 1.8.6
Views: 184,082
Downloads: 7,107
License: Apache License, Version 2


BugLogHQ is a tool to centralize the handling of automated bug reports from multiple applications. BugLogHQ provides a unified view of error messages sent from any number of applications, allowing the developer to search, graph, forward, and explore the bug reports submitted by the applications.

All bug reports received by BugLogHQ are stored on a normalized database, thus providing the option to the developers to further extend the application to leverage this information.



New in BugLogHQ 1.8.0
* Users can now be restricted to access only specific applications assigned by the Administrator. Restricted users will only be able to see bug reports for their assigned applications and create rules for those applications.
* CRUD screens to manage Severities, Hosts and Applications. These are accessed through the Settings page and are only accessible to users in Admin role.
* The REST listener can now receive data in the body of the HTTP request encoded as a JSON object
* Checkpoint Tracking. The CFM client now has a checkpoint() method that you can use to track checkpoints or milestones during the page execution. If a bug is sent, then those checkpoints will be displayed on the full bug report.
* Remote Listener. This is a different listener type that allows the BugLog webapp and the Listener endpoint to be on separate servers, while at the same time allowing the webapp to control the listener.
* Individual users can now be assigned their own API keys to submit bug reports
* Added option to toggle on/off the automatic creation of hosts/severities/applications when a new bug report is received.
* Rules changes are now applied immediately without the need to restart the listener service.
* CFM applications using the buglog client can now set the application name explicitly, max depth for cfdumps and toggle logging messages locally.
* Added a basic ANT build script for generating a ZIP file suitable for deployment.

New in BugLogHQ 1.7.0
* A new “Dashboard” homepage.
* More granular and finer timespans to view received errors.
* A log of each time an alert is fired with information on the bug report that triggered the alert.
* Optional HTTP Basic authentication for access to RSS feeds.
* Expose the results of any search criteria as an RSS feed.
* A new client written in JavaScript to allow client-side webapps to report errors to a BugLog server.
* Centralized and standardized display of dates and times, including support for time zone conversion.
* Display additional insights and context for each bug report (timeline, other reports from same user agent, host distribution)
* Allow deletion of bug reports
* Improved listing of current rules to provide a human-readable description of what they actually do.
* Use jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap for the main user interface.

New in BugLogHQ 1.6.0
* Allow BugLog to be deployed at the web root level
* Add support for Named Instances
* Adobe ColdFusion 10 compatibility.

New in 1.5.204
* Added two new rule types: "Discard" and "HeartbeatMonitor". Discard is used to tell buglog to discard and not process bug reports that match a given criteria. HeartbeatMonitor can be configured to send an email alert if a message matching a given criteria has not been received in the last X minutes.
* Added two more lifecycle execution points for rules: "processQueueStart" and "processQueueEnd"; these methods execute before the queue processing begins and when it ends respectively and regardless of if there are items on the queue or not.
* Rule processor now also reports errors to the current buglog instance instead of only writing to a log file.
* BugLog now uses BugLog to track itself (duh, finally!)

New in 1.5
* Extensions are now stored on a database instead of an XML file
* Creating a rule instance is now much more user friendly because application, host and severity
codes can be selected via dropdowns; or can also be prepopulated from an existing bug report.
* Added support for defining settings for multiple environments (dev,qa,prod1,prod2,etc). Once
the environment is detected buglog can override any setting with custom values.
* Added option to disable editing settings through the UI (useful if you have your config file versioned
   and only want to configure buglog that way)
* Added the "BugLog Digest" which is a configurable and periodic email summary of all reports received
in the last X hours.
* Rewrote the "iphone" UI to be for mobiles in general (now its accessible at /bugLog/mobile), also there
is an improved platform detection when going to /bugLog. If you go with any mobile browser you should get
redirected to the new UI, otherwise you go to the regular desktop UI
* Multiple bug fixes

New in 1.4
* Asynchronous processing of BugReports and Rules (Increases application response and scalability)

* Simplified application configuration via a new Settings screen

* User management. Users can be divided now in two roles: regular users (with limited control) and administrators

* Optional JIRA integration. Create JIRA issues directly from BugLogHQ

* Change password screen (no more editing table directly to do this)

* Optionally require an API Key from applications to submit bug reports to BugLog

* Enable/Disable rules as you need them

* New rule type FirstMessageAlert. Be alerted via email only the first time each distinct message arrives.

* Ability to purge history and delete all bug reports older than X number of days.

Update 1.4.97
Added custom web interface for iPhone/iPod Touch

Update 1.4.106
- Added check for using the client cfc when no Application scope is defined (contributed by Morgan Dennithorne)
- Added 'listeners' panel to Settings section to view and test the supported listener endpoints
- Changed default charset and collation for MySQL install script to be UTF8
- Misc Bug fixes

Update 1.4.108
- Fixed tiny little bug in the Admin that caused CF (Adobe) to break, but not Railo (where I tested buglog). Thanks Jim Priest!


Any CFML engine (ColdFusion, Railo, OpenBD, etc) compatible with Adobe ColdFusion 9 or higher. On the database side, supported databases are MySQL 5, MS SQL Server 2000 and up. However other DBs can be added very easily. Post to the forums if you need help here.

Issue Tracker:

21 Application Reset Closed 02/03/14 12:28 AM
22 Error on email notifications, missing config argument debug.email Fixed 02/03/14 12:27 AM
20 Method not found when upgrading from 1.7 to 1.8 Open 09/03/13 9:40 AM
19 Routines cannot be declared more than once Fixed 09/25/12 7:23 AM
18 Not running in CF10 Fixed 07/26/12 11:03 PM

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